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June 2, 2013 Update: [Garth Bolinder, MidSouth Superintendent]

Midsouth Friends, Yesterday we asked you to pray for our friends at Journey Covenant Church in Norman, OK because their tornado relief outpost was severely damaged by Friday evening's tornado in OKC. Volunteers spent all day yesterday salvaging remaining supplies and seeking another venue to provide a place where storm victims could get food, clothing and supplies. The work continues today, so please keep praying for Journey and for all our OKC Covenant churches as they courageously give servant leadership to this double tornado recovery work.Today, however, we are asking you to specifically pray for our brother Clark Mitchell, Lead Pastor at Journey. Early yesterday morning Clark was taken by ambulance to OU Medical Center where he remains today. He apparently had a TIA "mini-stroke." 
I am on my way today to OKC/Norman to visit our churches and pastors, including our two warrior pastors who are down right now, Clark and Paul. I will update you all when we get more information about Clark.
Please invite your congregations to pray with us for Clark and Paul, as well as for our OKC Covenant churches who continue to suffer the aftermath from these two violent tornadoes in the past several weeks. May the Lord empower each of you today as your lead your congregations and proclaim the Risen Christ who sent his Holy Spirit to be with his people forever...even in the midst of the storms. It's a privilege to serve with you...

In Christ, Garth
May 25, 2013 Update:

There was a tragedy in south Oklahoma City on May 20, 2013. An F-5 tornado slammed through Newcastle and Moore, OK, leveling neighborhoods, schools, stores, a hospital, etc. in its 1/2 mile wide destructive path. Many of you have been asking how you can help. Here is an update:
Our OKC Covenant churches suffered significant losses from the storm. 1/4 of the fatalities from the tornado were connected with ECC churches (6 people out of 24 fatalities). Four children who died were connected with Life Church. Two adults who died were connected with Westmoore Community Church. Several more people connected from OKC Covenant churches were injured as a result of the storm. At last count around 100 homes of Covenant folks were totally destroyed by the storm. Several hundred more homes of Covenant folks were damaged. Almost all homes in south OKC lost power, phone, internet and gas connections. All Midsouth Covenant churches are giving significant leadership to the relief effort.
Encourage our OKC Covenant friends. Three immediate suggestions:
1. Pray…pray…pray…
2. Give to Covenant World Relief online.
3. Find out what's going on in area ECC churches click here.
Email, text or snail mail notes of encouragement to our OKC friends. They are swamped right now so don’t expect replies. Just sending them personal words of encouragement will be meaningful and empowering for them and those they are serving.