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"Those who find God find life."

The Acts of the Apostles, wk 3. Who is the Holy Spirit?

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Date: May 6, 2018

Speaker: Mike Baker

Series: The Acts of the Apostles

Category: Topical

Scripture: Acts 2:1–2:13

Tags: who is the Holy Spirit, what's it like to be filled with the holy spirit

The Holy Spirit has been: Ignored and misunderstood

He was involved in Creation.
Bringing order out of Chaos – Genesis 1:1–2
Giving life to man – Genesis 2:7

Holy Spirit in the OldTestament.
Bezalel [artistic work] – Exodus 31:1–5
Samson [for strength] – Judges 15:14–15

Promisedby the Father.
I will put my Spirit in you – Ezekiel 36:26–27
I will pour my Spirit on all people – Joel 2:28–29

Spirit gets Activewith the coming of Jesus.
John the Baptist – 1:15
Mary – Luke 1:35
Simeon in the Temple – Luke 2:2–27

Jesus Predictsthe Spirits.
-      New languages – Acts 2:4–12
-      New boldness – Acts 2:14
-      New Power – 2:37–41