LIFEGroups are small groups that meet in homes to study the Bible and meet each other's needs. Not only are LIFEGroups a great way to develop lasting friendships—they are also an amazing way to grow closer to God. By being a part of a LIFEGroup, you will be fulfilled with the support and fellowship with friends as you grow together in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.


LIFEGroups are a way to preserve the feeling of community and personal interaction that is essential to following Christ. Smaller groups of people meet in the comfort and familiarity of a member's home, with a more flexible structure. It is in the context of these groups that we can give and receive care and support, learn discipleship through fellowship, prayer, the study of God's Word and experience growth through relationships and intentional investment of time to lead people to become fully devoted Christ-followers. LIFEGroups exist to reach out more intensely, to share more deeply, to care more personally. 

Let's do Life Together!

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​Because living in community isn't optional