Worship Experience
10:30 am, Sundays
Park in back lot of Reading Jr Hi School 

"Those who find God find life."


Because community isn't an option . . .

It is through LIFEGroups that our church will remain small. LIFEGroups are small groups that meet in homes to study the Bible and meet each other's needs. Not only are LIFEGroups a great way to develop lasting friendships, they are also an amazing way to grow closer to God. By being a part of a LIFEGroup, you will be fulfilled with the support and fellowship of friends as you grow together in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

LIFEGroups are a way to preserve the feeling of community and personal interaction that is essential to following Christ. Smaller groups of people meet in the comfort and familiarity of a member's home, with a more flexible structure.

LIFEGroups provide an environment for members to:

  • Give and receive care and support,
  • Learn discipleship through fellowship, prayer, the study of God's Word and
  • Experience growth through relationships and intentional investment of time to lead people to become fully devoted Christ-followers.

Let's do LIFE Together . . . 
Rick & Kay Armstrong; Greatwood . . . Weekends
Harry Hamilton; Sundays
Dave & Joan Pippenger; Greatwood . . . Wednesdays
Bobby & Jen Delgado; Summer Lakes . . . Wednesdays, mostly

LIFEGroups happen when the energy of those sharing worship becomes intimacy . . . with a few gathered in a living room and then quiets into the significance of a caring arm around you. Then, you're a part of a LIFEGroup. LIFEGroups exist to reach out more intensely, to share more deeply, to care more personally.

Contact Pastor Bobby at 281.650.4020 for more information.