Worship Experience
10:30 am, Sundays
Park in back lot of Reading Jr Hi School 

"Those who find God find life."


LIFEYouth exists to inspire passion inside the heart of a student and set free in a young mind the infinite possibilities of a life that is focused on God. A young life willfully submitted to God is a life that will change many others in its path. What greater purpose could there be than to be the spark that ignites the fire?

Welcome back from CHIC 2018, July 15-20, 2018!! More info here.

Great work on Guatemala 2018 Mission, June 15-24, 2018!! More info here.

LIFEYouth students . . . regular gathering:

  1. Sundays mornings: YOUTH MINUTE 10 –10:30 am. Grades 6–12. Check-in with each other, snack, devotional time and prayer before heading to worship at 10:30 am in the Reading Jr. High School cafeteria.
  2. Sundays, YOUTH GROUP 5–7 pm., at the Delgado's, unless otherwise specified**

Sun, Aug 12...5–7 PM Youth Group; Water Bollo Wars at the Delgados
Thurs, Aug 16...11:15–1:15 PM Serve RJH "Back to School" BBQ Lunch
Sun, Aug 26...12–4 PM Back 2 School Party after church pool/pizza/games; Luckett's
Youth Minute 10 AM; Every Sunday
YOUTH GROUP 5-7 PM; at the Delgados

Txt Pastor Bobby 281.650.4020 for details.

Sex God & Me.2.0
–explore current topics expressed in movie: 50 Shades of Grey;  [read more] or click here to view Laura's talk on vimeo.


Kiyah.waterweenie.loMIDSOUTH CAMP IS COMING!

Midsouth Covenant Summer Camp – August 5-11, 2018; held at Frontier Camp in Grapeland, TX. As usual, there's a wonderful line-up of lessons, games and activities. This year's theme is, "Colors," the story of Joseph, Family Matters. Camper Registration Application is first-come first-served until space runs out, so make sure you send your registration in as early as possible. For Camp Information click here. This 7 day camp ministry is for students, grades 2–9. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience God’s great creation, learn more about His word and grow in your relationship with Jesus. Contact Kim for more details.
CILT application, entering grades 10-12, click here.
COUNSELOR application, 18 years or older, click here.


parenting teens logoThe Parenting Teenager Course . . .
Preview the video:"The Parenting Teenagers Course" for parents with teenagers ages 11–18. For details about this GREAT course email or call 713.725.8762.

ParentingTeen parents_PIC




Parent, Marshall McInnis stated, “The content was applicable. I enjoyed the 5 weeks: great investment of time. I really loved the course."


For those working with Jr. High or High school students – click on the pdf's below to download both applications required for working with minors:

LC BackgroundChk for volunteers – download pdf
LC child_youth application for volunteers – download pdf