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"Those who find God find life."


Caring for others isn't a program at LIFEChurch—it's who we are. Jesus linked loving God with loving others. Matthew 22:37–38 LIFEChurch cares for others both locally and globally by giving and serving. It's a priority. That's why ten percent of our income is set aside for serving, helping and assisting others.

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Question & Answer . . .

Anyone can play or volunteer to help on the day of the H & H golf tournament. This year, the tournament funds raised will support the Guatemalan Mission Trip and other area charities. More details for financial aid assistance application can be found at the Hands & Hearts Foundation website or on the GOLF TOURNAMENT flyer. Download the Hands and Hearts Golf Tournament Entry Form here.

Q: How can I be a part of vital prayer for mission around the world?
Collaborate and encourage specific missionaries with your faithful prayers. "Your prayer is part of how God does mission around the world. People are coming to new life in Christ. Hurting people are being helped. Followers of Jesus are growing as disciples . . . The Gospel is bearing fruit," Curt Peterson, Executive Minister of Covenant World Mission. Contact Pastor Mike for your copy of the ECC Missionary Prayer Calendar. Due to security reasons we do not post information on the LC web site.

Q: I want to serve God in this community. How can I make an impact? 
LIFEChurch is involved in seasonal, local projects for students and adults . . . contact LIFE for more information.

Q: What other outreach has LIFEChurch been involved with in the past?

  1. SHARING THE HOPE OF CHRIST . . . Under-resourced families need to know Christ is there for them— through the simple act of a Christmas gift. Families have been chosen, gifts purchased and wrapped and delivered by LIFEYouth.

  2. GIVE THANKS by giving THANKSGIVING FEAST BOXES . . . food was donated, assembled and delivered by students to the under-resourced in Rosenberg. Pray for the families receiving—that they know God and His love, and continue to be nourished and grow strong in Him.

  3. THE PARENTING TEENAGERS COURSE . . . A 5 week course for parents in the community with teens 11–18 years. This past fall, parents learned how to build strong relationships with their teens.

  4. BACK TO SCHOOL TACO SALAD LUNCH . . . LC appreciates teachers and on an inservice day served them lunch to thank those at ARJH for what they do! 

  5. FUN DAY AT THE PARK . . . Shoe Give-away in conjunction with area churches. LC was in action before school started at the shoe give-away at Travis Park, Rosenberg. Over 1,000 shoes were given out.

Q: I'm not sure how to get involved or what I'd be good at doing. How can I find out?
Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to use your gifts, talents, and skills—matched with time constraints, interests and passions to make a difference in people’s lives. If you would like some guidance and direction, complete the LIFEMissions Volunteer Questionnaire, and contact Pastor Mike Baker. He'll give you some ideas about where your family, friends, LIFEGroup or you could make a difference in our community and globally.

Q: Wouldn't it be great if we could band together and help out in the name of Jesus after a hurricane or natural disaster?
WHATCHA GOT? Being Jesus after a Hurricane... fill out the Watcha Got Form so we can add it to a database of equipment and contact information in case of an emergency. Email it back to LIFE.

Q: What IS mission at LIFEChurch?
Our Mission is to lead people to become fully devoted Christ-followers.
Bring In, Build Up, Train, Send Out

Definition of a Mission:
Going outside our comfort zone
Going to someone in need
Going locally and around the world
Going for 1 day or a lifetime

Elements of Mission:
Relationship Building
Spiritual Growth
Mission Task
Keeping the fire burning

Mission Focus and Result:
Transformation in those we serve
Transformation in those serving
Transformation in cities and nations

For more information contact LIFE.